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Information Technology

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Keeping Up With Ada
AdaCore, a company that offers Ada programming tools, has launched a new site to promote Ada and track changes slated for ISO's forthcoming revision of the information technology language, Ada 2005.

Tridgell Releases SourcePuller
Andrew Tridgell has released the code to SourcePuller, a free client for accessing BitKeeper source code management servers. The tool has sparked a tempest in the Linux development community, prompting a revocation of the free BitKeeper license previously offered to open source developers, and forcing Linus Torvalds to create his own SCM framework, Git .

Samsung, Microsoft Preview Hybrid Disk Drive
"A 1-Gbit flash memory from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has been used as a buffer within a prototype rotating disk drive developed with Microsoft Corp...The two companies have been working together on the hybrid disk drive since late 2003 with a view to deployment in notebook computers and to support the the next version of the Windows operating system, code-named Longhorn."

Gates' 64-Bit Pitch
The performance benefits of 64-bit Windows are compelling, but companies must decide whether they're ready to take the plunge with their information technology infrastructure.

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