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IT defines as Information Technology, IT is consists of study, design, advance development, accomplishment, support or administration of computer foundation information system, mostly software application and computer hardware. Information technology works with the use of electronic computers and computer software to renovate, defend, development, and broadcast and other information.

Information technology has overstuffed to cover many features of computing and technology, and this word is more familiar than ever before. Information technology subject can be quite large, encompassing many fields. IT professionals perform different types of responsibilities that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks. IT professional's responsibilities are data management, networking, database, software design, computer hardware, management and administration of whole system. IT (Information Technology) is combined word of computer and communications or "InfoTech". Information Technology illustrates any technology which helps to manufacture, manipulate, accumulate, communicate or broadcast information.

Information Communications Technology (ICT):- ICT term comprises the entire technology for communication of advance information. It includes any intermediate to record information by paper, magnetic disk or tape, pen, optical disks, flash memory, CD/DVD etc. and also ICT technology used for broadcasting information by television, radio, microphone, loudspeaker and cellular phones. Information technology transfer information with the help of satellite system and intercontinental cables. Defiantly IT has developed into a type of a hub for communicating information.

Informative modeling: - it is an interdisciplinary myth for connecting information technologies field with architectural examination and modeling. IM aspires at improving the way evidences and information about architectural objects developed throughout time can be demonstrated. IM applies for studying of historic architecture, and objects been broadly transformed.
Technical support: - it is a range of services which has provided by technology products as mobile cell phone, television and computers or electronic & mechanical gadgets. Technical services attempt to facilitate the user resolve specific problems with the product. Somewhat that offering training, support services and other customization.

Most of the companies recommend technical support on behalf of the products, either they are freely available or for a pay. Technical support can be conveyed by the telephone or with the help of various channels like e-mail or a website. Major organizations having frequently internal technical service available to staff for pc related problems. Also internet is the best place to convey your problem in form of message and it's freely available for tech support, where many of experienced users may advice and assistance you.

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