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New Products for April
New on the market this month: a Swiss army knife equipped with a USB drive from Swissbit AG; the R-70 Monza "racing laptops" from SavRow Computers; an updated version of JAPISoft's cross-platform XML editor and XSLT debugger; and more.

A New Year, A Blue(tooth) Year
Ernest reviews a slew of new Bluetooth products introduced at CES, along with the Sierra Wireless Aircard 775 Edge; the Blackberry 7100 with Bluetooth; and new digital cameras from Casio and Canon.

First Look: HP's XW9300 Workstation
HP's new Opteron-powered xw9300 64-bit workstation takes desktop computing to the next level.

Desktop and Mobile Storage
David takes a look at a new generation of options for storing and transporting pictures, video, and music from Seagate, Plextor, and US Modular.

PHP 5 at Work
PHP 5 includes new object-oriented features, integrated XML and web services support, a much-improved database option—and a few attractive computer science concepts that don't exist in other languages.

Dictionary of the Electronic Tongue
Lincoln presents a devil's dictionary of computer technology definitions.

Next Generation Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Most of us used the Netscape browser during the early days of the Net. Netscape is still around, but it did birth an open source sibling browser named Mozilla. The original (Mosaic Browser) development project of the Netscape browser was created by Mark Andreessen in 1993.

Power Line Broadband Has Arrived
Broadband connectivity over power lines has been in development for years with the promise of easy and convenient Internet access. A recent announcement this month proclaimed the first large-scale deployment of broadband over power line (BPL) technology to millions of Cinergy power customers in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Community Wireless Networks Combine Wi-Fi & WiMax
Recently I met with the economic development director for a smaller city in south Seattle who expressed a strong interest in building a huge city wide Wi-Fi network. The reason stated to build this free public wireless network is to enhance the image of the city to new potential businesses and high-income citizens.

Search Engine Marketing
The Search Engine market is very hot with a growing renewed interest in search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization companies (SEO). The legitimacy of search engine marketing has arrived.

Laptops and Wristops

Summer is winding down and we're back from the beach, or we would be if we actually went to the beach. I'm still waiting for a laptop you can read while sitting in a beach chair in the sun the way people always do in commercials.

HP's XW9300 Workstation

The xw9300 incorporates several cutting edge architectural developments in processing, data throughput, and visualization. Taken together, these elements add up to the most significant advance in desktop workstation design we've seen in years.

R-70 Monza "racing laptops,"

SavRow Computers is now offering R-70 Monza "racing laptops," finished with Rosso Corsa racing paint and a brilliant white GT stripe featuring the Italian Tricolore running down the composite frame of the laptop.