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Business information technology has come a long way in just a few years. The day of researching various companies through hard cover books is all but gone now, replaced with a much faster and more accurate system of online research tools. As well, the same amount of research work that took a dozen people or more to conduct just a few years ago is now handled by one or two people.

This is good news, especially for smaller companies who in the past were not able to afford the services of huge research team or firm. These days, many smaller companies, and some larger ones, prefer to do their own internal research which allows them to focus on only the most important factors that concern their immediate needs. But even though business information technology has become faster and somewhat easier to conduct, it still requires a certain amount of pre-planning as well as the use of some rather unique skill sets.

One of the most important skill sets is also one of the most overlooked. This is the skill set that involves knowing exactly what to research on a company. As you probably already know, most publicly held companies and many privately held companies have literally tons of data sheets online about their companies. From financials to product lines, just about anything can be located with a bit of time and energy. In a sense, this is good. In another sense, this is simply overload. The trick to effective business information technology is to narrow the search down to those issues that are most helpful in making a sales plan or presentation plan.

One way to do this effectively is to start with a set of instructions that help you identify exactly what it is you need to research and then go beyond that with helping you locate and focus your research on those issues. This allows you to avoid the overload syndrome and concentrate on that which is most important to you and your sales team.

You can, of course, hire a consulting team to teach you these skills and the best methods

for conducting this type of specialized research, or you can work someone who has already mastered this type of unique business information technology process and, probably, save time and money in the process.

But how do you find someone who has already mastered these skills?

One great place to begin is with Jack Howe's new e-edition of his "30 Minutes to Prepare for the C-Suite Meeting." This eBook is packed with useful techniques to help boost your sales efforts. The core of this program is learning how to anticipate what a customer wants from your sales force and knowing, beforehand, how your sales force is going to handle those concerns, objections, and questions. In a sense, the research methods outlined in this eBook help you better prepare for the all important sales meeting in such a way that your team has the edge over your less prepared competition.

Learn more about this powerful system at http://www.30minsto.com.

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Qigong For Business, Inc. is the successor to Performance Enablers LLC and Howe & Associates at http://www.30minsto.com. Since 1981, Howe and company have been providing business information technology and coaching.

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