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New Products for April
New on the market this month: a Swiss army knife equipped with a USB drive from Swissbit AG; the R-70 Monza "racing laptops" from SavRow Computers; an updated version of JAPISoft's cross-platform XML editor and XSLT debugger; and more.
Mon, 25 Apr 2005

New Products for March
This month's new releases include a Tablet PC application from PhatWare; a registry fixer from PCMantra Software; and a set of lightweight XML tools from Topologi.
Mon, 28 Mar 2005

New Products for February
New hardware and software for the month includes two GPUs from NVIDIA; Cristalink Limited's backup software; the Flash Edition of Xamlon Pro; and more.
Mon, 28 Feb 2005

New Products for January
This month's new releases include Nurve Network's new XGameStation Micro Edition game console development kit; Pentek's software radio transceiver module; TikiMak's 1.2 TB external hard drive; and more.
Mon, 31 Jan 2005