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New Products for January

Nurve Network's new XGameStation Micro Edition game console development kit for hobbyists and students is now shipping. Inspired by classic systems such as the Atari 2600, 800, Apple II, C64 and Nintendo Entertainment System, the XGS kit includes a fully-assembled XGS unit with all necessary cables and a full-length eBook written by Andre LaMothe on the design and programming of the XGS. The system plugs into any NTSC/PAL TV and supports vintage Atari 2600 controllers as well as a PS/2 keyboard. XGameStation Micro Edition games and applications are stored on internal processor Flash, allowing users to develop and download their games from a PC using the accompanying tools.
Nurve Networks LLC
402 Camino Arroyo West
Danville, CA 94506

Orange Tree Technologies has announced ZestSC1, a desktop FPGA development board with USB 2.0 host computer interface. It is intended for FPGA development work, training & education, and also for applications such as data acquisition, control, DSP and image processing. The FPGA is the Xilinx Spartan-3 with up to 1 million system gates, including 24 hardware multipliers and 432 Kbits of RAM. This on-chip RAM is augmented on ZestSC1 by up to 8 MB of synchronous SRAM on the board.
Orange Tree Technologies Ltd
6 Main Road, East Hagbourne, Didcot, Oxfordshire
OX11 9LJ
United Kingdom

Pentek, Inc has released a complete software radio transceiver module suitable for connection to IF or RF ports of a communication system. The Model 7140 PMC module combines both transmit and receive capabilities with a Virtex II-Pro FPGA, and supports the emerging VITA 42 XMC standard with optional switched-fabric interfaces for high-speed I/O. This module is also available in a variety of form factors including PCI, 3U and 6U cPCI and a PMC conduction-cooled version.
Pentek, Inc.
One Park Way
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458-2311

Pulse has announced the Excelsus Z-BLOCKERR Z-230P2J-A single-line customer premises equipment (CPE) filter. This small filter is designed to provide digital subscriber line (DSL) subscribers with clear phone conversations and maximum DSL data rates. The new Z-230P2J-A can be installed in any country that uses RJ11 jacks and connectors, and is compliant with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) Directive 2002/95/EC.
Pulse Engineering, Inc.
12220 World Trade Drive
San Diego, CA 92128

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications has developed new entry-level products for secure and wireless network access. The Bintec X2301 and X2302 ADSL routers and the Artem ComPoint Butterfly access point are designed for smaller companies and home offices. The Bintec X2301 supports Annex A (ADSL over POTS); the X2302 supports Annex B (ADSL over ISDN). The two new additions to the Bintec X2300 router family already support ADSL2 capable of downloads of up to 12 Mbps for applications as video-on-demand, while the Bintec X2301 also supports ADSL2+ for downloads of up to 24 Mbps.
Funkwerk Enterprise Communications
Suedwestpark 94
90449 Nuremberg

Zend Platform 1.1 provides insight into a running PHP application by identifying runtime challenges such as performance, script and function errors and database-related problems. It also improves the performance of PHP applications and allows them to be managed and synchronized across servers. Zend Platform uses a single Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for all Java calls and is designed to leverage existing Java/J2EE applications with minimal resources.
Zend Technologies, Inc.
19200 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Suite 100
Cupertino, CA 95014

True North Software Corporation is introducing Code Spell 1.0 for Windows and Mac OS X, a spell checker designed for spell checking programming source code comments and quoted strings. The source code is parsed and comments are color coded, with misspelled words marked in red. Code spell supports the parsing of user-definable single line and multiline comments, and can be used to batch spell check source code.
True North Software Corporation

Altova DiffDog 2005 is a synchronization tool for comparing and merging files, folders, and directories. DiffDog 2005 is available in both Standard and Professional editions: the Professional edition adds XML-aware differencing and editing capabilities based on those in Altova XMLSpy. Syntax-coloring, line numbering, indentation guides, and folding margins are provided to assist in comparing source code and XML files.
Altova, Inc.
900 Cummings Center
Suite 314 T
Beverly, MA 01915-6181

TikiMac is offering its new Mahana II series of high-capacity hard drives for Macintosh and Windows PCs computers, with dual FireWire 800 interfaces supported by the Oxford Semiconductor 912 chipset. The Mahana II external hard drive is hot-pluggable for easy file transfers without interruptions and data sharing between computers. It comes in a variety of capacities, including 500 GB, 600 GB, 800 GB, and 1.2 TB.
TikiMac, LLC.
901 E. 10th Ave.
Denver, CO 80218

Futuremark Corporation has updated its 3DMark03, 3DMark05 and PCMark04 suites of benchmark software. 3DMark is designed for measuring and comparing DirectX 3D performance of Windows based PCs, while PCMark04 is a home user performance analysis tool. The new versions patch a possible result vulnerability as well as providing improved compatibility and updated versions of the Entech library, which is used to detect the clock frequency of the graphics chip core and memory.
Futuremark Corporation
12930 Saratoga Avenue, Suite B-7
Saratoga, CA 95070