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Sony Ericsson C The slimmest Cybershot phone Ever Made

The new mobile phone in the Cyber-Shot series is the Sony Ericsson C902, it boasts of a unique selling point and its really is the slimmest Cyber-Shot camera phone ever made! Why are Cyber-Shot mobile phones considered brilliant? Ever since the release of the first mobile phone to carry the Cyber-Shot branding, the K800i, Sony Ericsson have forged a tradition of ensuring they are among the best of the best camera phones available. And that branding means they'll have features you don't see on every phone. Take for example the xenon flash, a must for a phone to be taken seriously as a proper, full-on camera as well. That was a Sony Ericsson innovation. Then you have autofocus, which again, is something that really got first used in their phones. Sure, just about every camera phone imaginable now will have autofocus, but it was Sony Ericsson who were the early trailblazers for that.

But of course, in Cyber-Shot phones, you get other cool stuff, like image stabilizers, low light modes, and more digital camera gubbins than you can shake a stick at. That's what makes Cyber-Shot phones so good at what they do. It's the fact that, with them, you get all the perks of a digital camera, in a mobile phone. The only downside with the range so far has been? well? they don't make for particularly small mobile phones. Just look at the Sony Ericsson K850i.

Not massive, but not what you'd call slim, either. But now there's finally a Cyber-Shot camera phone that is the slim, Sony Ericsson C902. One look at the Sony Ericsson C902 tells you that you're looking at a proper, high-end camera phone. In fact, you're looking at getting 5 huge great megapixels for your money, which, combined with the Cyber-Shot technology mentioned above, means you'll be getting unbelievably sharp and beautiful photos out of it.

And with the xenon flash, you'll be doing that even at night (and believe me, the image stabilizer's going to help there!) Oh, and the nice thing is, sharing photos through MMS, email and blogs is going to be a rather nice experience, as the Sony Ericsson C902 uses HSDPA to connect up for data. Or, in other words, it's really, really, really fast! The Sony Ericsson C902 is a 3G smart phone loaded with useful features. The phone is a quad band hassle free network supporting device input with features like HSDPA 2100, TFT screen of 256K colors, wallpapers and screen savers, Card slot and internal memory of 160 MB, GPRS, EDGE, WAP Browser, and others.

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