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Should I Buy a Satellite Radio

Satellite radios are becoming more popular everyday. Among the great advantages of using a satellite radio is the fact that the programing is actually commercial free. This is because signal provider's income comes from listeners, who pay a fee to access the station's signal, and not from advertisers as in the case of "traditional" radio. Satellite radio services offer around 70 programs of commercial fee music channels each and you have a great variety of choices, from mainstream rock, hip-hop and dance music to folk music, opera, blues and many more. Another great thing about satellite radio is the absence of static on its signal. You can be driving from the West Coast to the East Coast in the United States and you will not get any static at all on the way.

The satellite radio signal is digital, which means that you will get crystal-clear sound wherever you are and wherever you go,with the added value that you can also listen to satellite radio online on your computer. That is why satellite radio is great option for you especially if you travel a lot. If you are traveling across the United States, for example, you can listen to the channel or channels you want during your whole trip, without losing signal or getting static. If you have a traditional radio, you will have to keep changing channels every hundred miles, but if you are using satellite radio you do not have to do that because the geographically availability of programs is not a problem.

All satellite radio programs are uncensored. This is one of the reasons why contriversial artists like Howard Stern chose to move their shows on satellite radio. You can also listen to your favorite hip-hop songs without the interruption of those annoying 'beep' sounds. If you still are not convinced on why you should pay money for something that you can get for free, think about how much time you have wasted listening to commercials and all kinds of other boring stuff on terrestrial radio programs. Traditional radio is not "free" after all, despite the popular belief.

Traditional radio is time-consuming and irritating because you have to listen to five minutes or more of commercials so that you can finally hear a song you like. The satellite radio subscriptions are very affordable and, for around 13 dollars per month, you get exactly the programs you want, which you can listen to wherever you are, at the best sound quality. Satellite radio subscribers will soon get the chance to watch video programs as well. Both Sirius and XM services have announced their intention of introducing in the near future a variety of video satellite channels that will have some of the great advantages that are currently available to satellite radio: commercial free programs, great quality of sound and vast geographical availability.

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