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Review of HP PAVILION DV laptop

If you want a powerful all round laptop then the HP Pavillion DV9565 is highly recommended if you have that sort of money to spend. This machine uses the AMD Turion 64 x 2 Dual Core processor so you can be sure that it will remain top of the league for a while to come, it's RAM is 2048 MB so you will be able to run multiple applications which wont slow it down or have any negative effect on the performance. The HP Pavillion DV9565 has a 17 inch bright widescreen monitor which will have perfect visibility based on any lighting conditions. You will have no trouble linking this laptop up to any home or work network as it has integrated wireless technology and the ability to be hard wired into any local area network (LAN). Not only can you connect to a network, you will have access to the internet via the wireless technology or by hard wiring it into the modem port if you wish.

This laptop will have sufficient hard drive space, even for the users that download mass images, music, games and music. The standard internal memory is a massive 320 GB, if in the unlikely event you manage to fill it up you can buy additional external hard drives giving you more memory. If you do download music and videos you will be able to write them to a CD/DVD as it has an inbuilt DVD writer and necessary software included. This HP Pavillion DV9565 laptop comes with Windows Vista home premium so you can guarantee that you will get the full potential out of your laptop and this next generation operating system.

It has 3 USB slots so you can add components such as printers, web cams, mobile phones and many more to do desired tasks and it has a 5 in 1 memory card slot located on the side. This will allow you to take a memory card from a mobile phone or digital camera and take/store data onto it to keep as a backup or print it off with ease. One of the advantages of this laptop is the fact it's very mobile, it only weighs 3.55 kg so you will have no problem moving it around in a laptop bag or even carrying it. The battery will last 3 hours before it needs to be recharged from the mains adaptor included.

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