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Military Exoskeleton Suits

Most of the exoskeleton suits are still in work and some of them work pretty well, but they are thinking too small and are too much under budget. Exoskeleton suits as everyone knows can be used for just about anything on the ground, combat or non-combat alike. If the current exo suit is as good as it says, I think they should look to a higher view.

Of course this is a good starter but not good for lifting anything if your arms can't handle it. If they start thinking bigger and better like in the movies like you say, it can definitely do a lot better. Example, one worker exo could replace 3 people working on a construction project at the same speed, but 3 exo workers could get it done in a far faster time limit thus getting the whole project done far faster.

Some people will say it will take jobs away instead of creating them. But if you don't take away the jobs the fighting force overall will work much faster and efficient. I've had an idea a little before, maybe some other people may have had the idea too, but if they work on the bleex a lot more and included arms for it. Maybe incase they had to tip a car over for cover, add the Dragon skin armor for plaiting around the whole exo which would cover the body shell and put a helmet on with all kinds of tech in it, and make it almost impossible for a bullet to slip in and still comfortable and quick moving.

It could make a good front line assault group that can be used for certain missions. And you know those soldiers that get booted from the army for being too strong.give those guys these and in case for some reason the system fails. They will be able to unload some of the more heavier stuff and still be able to move around on there own.

Ideally like medieval times, there would be knights that wore armor into battle and really did some good punch's to overall battles that may have took a lot more lives to defeat. I know a lot of people would think these are stupid ideas but if you get the right people and trained them good to pilot anything close to what I just said, it would be like you have god himself on your side. As a former design specialist working for a DOD contractor the design of piloted and remote control was in development in the mid 80's. The problems then were 1 Power 2 reset 3 panic the first verbal control panic button was Reset and returning unit to "Zero" Power was limited to battery, hydraulic, and diesel.

The exoskeleton issue is to structure the system needs to closely fit the environment. One can only wonder what will happen to all that delicate equipment when a little sand or dust gets in there. Will it short out when a soldier must cross a stream or the humidity of a rainy day? Care for a roll in the mud? I am a great enthusiast of sci-fi equipment. If you want an equipment hauler for here and now the bicycle is a simple, proven, and available combat vehicle.

The bicycle was the secret weapon that allowed 30,000 Japanese to defeat 100,000 British at Singapore in World War II. By traveling 3 times faster than on foot the Japanese were able to project an image of about the same size force as the British. Given Japanese control of sea and air "resistance was futile". The Viet Cong proved the bicycle was a formidable hauler of supplies. The Germans had a bicycle corps trained to jump off their bikes and become infantry in seconds.

The bicycle was considered ideal for recon and Special Forces.

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