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Mailshell An InDepth Review

Mailshell is one of the unique anti-spam desktop protectors, which helps to avoid the threat of the spam. Spam has become a nuisance to the internet communication as many of us have to closing the email accounts to stop the disturbance of spam. Everything from viagra to cheap rolex replicas to our long lost cousins in Africa. In the progress of technology, the spam threat has become a crucial problem that has to be corrected since the nature of spam gradually changed into virus and phishing, which uses your personal information for any forgery.

The necessity of an effective anti-spam product arises in such a situation, to rescue your valuable resource from total damage. Mailshell is an intricate anti-spam program based on the neural concepts of artificial intelligence. Its efficiency is reported in reviews as one of the promising program, with 99% positive results. Mailshell can be used in a wide variety of ways since it can be integrated with just about any application for email such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger and Outlook. Also it can be integrated inseparable with the Outlook versions. The new filters will add up to the level of performance of the product.

Regular updates from the company are constantly downloaded so you can keep up with the latest in spam emails . and block them. The complex working procedure of the Mailshell was the key attraction of the software for me. The strategy used in the Mailshell software has a thorough processing of the incoming emails, unique set of attribute. As soon as the email comes to the Mailshell, it will be processed in the spam box of the product.

The particular spam box has 4 unique identification engines, which cross analysis the probability of spam in detail, and it sum up its assumption and reach at a conclusion using Bayesian analysis. SpamBulk is the first engine, which tries to identify the bulk emails. It has two possible methods, of which the first method was to fingerprint ID of the message. Bayesian analysis is the second method, which has statistical formula to identify the bulk email.

SpamRepute is the second engine, which considers the reputation of the sender of the message to evaluate whether it is the spam. It cross check with the SpamPit, where the addresses of the known spammers are included, and the list will be periodically revised according to updates from the Worlds database. Mailshell has two more component engines as the part of its software, namely SpamContent and SpamTricks. The SpamContent will analyze the content of the incoming messages, through cross checking of the field, header fields, subject field, email layout, vocabulary, word patterns, and country trace. SpamAdapt AI technology ensures that the Mailshell analysis, change with the time. SpamTricks engine in the Mailshell will look out for the common tricks of the message such as image-only messages, manipulation using relays, HTML obfuscation, mail formats and header analysis and SMTP envelope analysis.

Fraudulent spam such as phishing also gets evaluated in SpamTricks. The results from the individual engines are compiled in the SpamCompiler using the artificial intelligence networks and using Bayesian analysis the probability to become spam is evaluated. Mailshell, as other anti-spam products, will devoid the spam messages and only the normal messages are allowed in the inbox. Users can specify the destination of the spam - the program either deletes it or just marks it as spam. Suspected spam will be kept in a separate spam folder and the user can verify it from there.

The user also has the privilege to set new spam filters to customize the filter according to his preferences. Mailshell can be either brought from the site or you can go through an initial free trial period, before buying the software. The company is very confident about the features of its product that it offers money back guarantee for the whole anti-spam package. Mailshell can also support web based emails such AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and IMAP, if POP is activated. Mailshell is an advantageous anti-spam product, which has many unique characteristics such as artificial intelligence network for different functionality analysis engine, to differentiate spam and specific language-agnostic statistics-based solution to find out foreign security threats.

For more insights like this spam filter review visit us at our anti-spam portal. You're also welcome to join us at our email spam forums where we talk about the newest techniques on stopping spam.

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