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GPS Tracking Systems What they REALLY can do for you

Through the years in this business I have learned that most companies that start looking for a GPS Tracking System are interested in what we call a Basic Tracking. Basic Tracking is nothing but a map whit a dot showing the location of a vehicle. Some basic tracking applications include also a basic report that keeps a log of all the positions of a vehicle over a certain period of time.

But once these companies implement a GPS Tracking solutions and the technology permeates into their processes, they start finding the REAL BENEFITS that a GPS Tracking Solution brings. This is Part 1 of a series of 10 articles in which I will present how a GPS Tracking system can REALLY make a difference in a company's performance. In this article I will start to define some of the terminology and concepts needed to have a fair understanding of GPS Tracking.

There are many applications for the GPS TRACKING technology that can be divided into two main groups: NAVIGATION and TRACKING. Navigation is related to devices that are installed in the vehicles and that provide on-board navigation information. The user will usually enter a destination address and will start receiving audio and visual directions on how to arrive to that place. Samples of these devices are seen in almost every computer store, and the most recognized brands are Garmin, TomTom, and others.

Tracking is related to devices installed in the vehicles that send information about the vehicle to computer programs where the information is processed and presented to users in maps and reports. The information sent by these devices includes at least the position in terms of Latitude and Longitude, the speed, the direction (north, south, east, etc.), the date and the time. Other devices include more sophisticated information such as Ignition status, doors status, on-board engine diagnostic, etc. Samples of companies that provide this type of products are also multiple, and can be found by tons with any search in a search engine like Google.

Tracking is usually provided by companies as an internet service, although there are some companies that sell simple applications to be installed in computers. And as mentioned before, there is a wealth of options to pick from. Many companies will offer to their users Tracking solutions that can be accessed via web, and that allows to keep track of the vehicles of the companies in a map and in several reports. Once a company or an individual decides to go into this technology, the first question that has to be solved is: What type of GPS System I need? Is it a Tracking System? Or a Navigation System? It is very common to start shopping around without a clear understanding of what is needed.

The orientation of these articles will be GPS Tracking Solutions. GPS Navigation will be subject of a future article. And this first article severs as a starting point to understand and identify what the needs are on each particular case. In the next article I will discuss some additional terms related to GPS Tracking and will start going into its applications in the day to day processes.

Mr. Olano, with over 10 year in GPS Tracking Industry, deep knowledge of wireless communications, tracking devices, map engines, and contact with over 2,000 companies that adopted GPS, earned him a position as expert of GPS Tracking Technologies. Visit him at http://www.trackingsolutionsonline.com and http://www.geosoftusa.com .

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