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A Deeper Understanding Of A Hosted Exchange Server

Understanding what a hosted exchanger server is when you are not a technical guru can be a bit difficult. When you think about it, many facets of the computer and the internet are still a mystery to numerous business owners. It can be difficult to understand how the internet can help your business to grow, especially when you have never really used the internet in your business before. But when you consider that you can get high speed internet access almost anywhere, and that everyone is continually walking around with BlackBerry's and laptops, it makes sense that your business can only benefit from an internet intervention.

When you choose to use a hosted exchange server, you are truly giving your business the best chance to succeed. What Is a Hosted Exchange Server? A hosted exchange server is sort of like hiring someone to take care of all of your email needs. But it is more than that: using exchange mail hosting means that you will have access to your email instantly, no matter where you are, and it also means that you will be able to keep your employees in touch with all that is going on in your business, requiring only a few clicks of a mouse. Do-It-Yourself There are some companies that want to have Microsoft Exchange 2007, but who are wary about hiring another company to host their internet needs for them.

Once you look into doing the program yourself, however, you will discover that the costs are prohibitive. If you are trying to get Microsoft Exchange yourself, you will have to have a server of your own. Between the server, the software, and the maintenance, you will have to pay at least $22,000 or more in just a years time. Most small companies are not able to afford $22,000, especially for a computer program and server that they will have to keep running. Technicians When you choose a hosted exchange server you not only are able to pay much less than you would have to pay if you got your own server, you are instantly given access to technical support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn't matter what time you need assistance, a qualified technical support person will answer the phone ready and able to assist you in whatever needs you may have.

When you have a server and have to hire a technician to help you to keep it running smoothly, you are getting someone who has a basic understanding of how most programs work. When you choose exchange email hosting through a hosted exchange server you are getting technicians who are specifically trained in running Microsoft Exchange, so you never have to worry that the technician you will get will understand what you need. These technicians know what they are doing and are always willing to assist should a problem arise.

Companies that are looking to broaden their horizons through the internet should look to a hosted exchange server to fill their needs for less.

David Grantz, founding partner and Chief Information Officer of Exchange My Mail, located in Albertson, New York, had vision to recognize the importance of hosted e-mail in the "software as a service" venue, and acted on it. Visit www.exchangemymail.com

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